Dinosaur Hunt
By: GSLC Posted On: 2009-07-29

This game is good with lots of boys to play. One player is the dinosaur and another is the
knight. The dinosaur and the knight stand in the center and the other players form a circle leaving
enough space for a player to pass through. Then the game starts, all players forming the
circle close their eyes, and the knight starts counting to ten. Meanwhile, the dinosaur tries to
slip between two players. Anyone who hears the dinosaur make a sound, may point to where he
thinks the dinosaur is. Remember, your eyes are closed. If the knight says the direction is correct,
the dinosaur must take a place in the circle. The knight becomes the dinosaur and the boy who
guessed correctly becomes the knight who counts to ten. If the dinosaur succeeds in getting out
without getting caught, he comes back into the circle and continues to act as the dinosaur until
someone points him out

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