Volcano Cake
By: GSLC Posted On: 2009-07-29

1 dome cake (baked in a 4 liter bowl, such as Pyrex)
1 dome cake (baked in a 2-liter bowl)
1 baked cupcake
3-4 cups chocolate icing
1-2 cups nondairy whipped topping

Lollipop lava:
1 c sugar ½ c light Karo syrup
¼ c water red food coloring

Arrange the cakes and cupcake to form the cone of the volcano, using frosting to secure them in
place. Trim the cakes as necessary to make it look like a volcano then cover the cakes with the
icing. Just before serving, drop a cloud of whipped topping around the cake and add the lollipop
lava. Lollipop Lava: In a heavy saucepan bring the sugar, syrup, and water to a boil. Continue
boiling until the mixture reaches 295 ° on a candy thermometer. Remove the mixture from the
heat and stir in the food coloring until the desired shade is reached. (Tip: if you don’t have a
candy thermometer, melt crushed lollipops or hard candy in a sauce pan over medium heat.) Allow
the liquid to cool 1-2 minutes before pouring it in randomly shaped spews and puddles onto
a foil-covered cookie sheet. Let the lava cool completely before removing from the foil. Arrange
lollipop lava on the cake to look like exploding lava.

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2008


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