American Flag Pin
By: GSLC Posted On: 2009-07-26

What you’ll need:
• Coiless Safety Pin – 2 ¼”
• 4mm Round Beads
• “E” Beads
• Safety Pins, Size 2
• Pattern
• Long-Nose Pliers

Each row hanging down is a size 2 pin with “E” beads strung on it.
Open these pins and string beads following the pattern below.
Keep in mind that you are stringing the beads upside-down so
you will start at the top of each row and work down.
Then turn the pin upside down. Use pliers to squeeze the pin head closed permanently.

Note: Glass beads are irregular in size.
It may look like the pins will not close, but as long as the tip shows, you can usually just press the point into the pin head opening.
The pin will bend out slightly to fit the beads snuggly into place.
Open up the coiless pin.
You will need to bend it open to at least a 60 degree angle to get the beads on.
Beginning with the beaded pin to the far right, thread the coil of that beaded pin onto the coiless pin,
around the bend and over to the head of the pin.
Slide on a 4mm bead.
Then the next beaded pin, followed by another 4mm bead.
Continue until you have tnreaded on all pins and finished off with a final 4mm bead.
These beads help hold the pins in place and keep them from sliding around the coiless pin.

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2008


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