Bouquet, The
Posted On: 2021-11-16

Cast: six Cubs on an outing.

1st Cub (glumly): I don't think Akela is having such a great time.

2nd Cub (looking at 3rd Cub): Well, you didn't help much - giving her that garter snake!

3rd Cub: I was just trying to help her collect stuff for our nature display.

4th Cub: And, you heard what she said. "Nothing, ever again, that moves by itself!"

3rd Cub: So, now I know better.

5th Cub: Don't worry about a thing, guys. I'm going to fix everything!

6th Cub: Yeah? How?

5th Cub: Well, you know how she likes flowers? So, I picked her this neat bunch of flowers (holds up bouquet of trailing ivy) - see!

6th Cub: Oh, no! Now we'll never get to go on another hike!

5th Cub: How come?

6th Cub: Because, you dummy - that's poison ivy!

(The other five Cubs make disgusted, horrified noises and run off stage. The 5th Cub, left standing, drops the bouquet, starts to scratch and exits).



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