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Airplane Short Runway

Cast: 2 scouts (If more are desired, they can be passengers, with suitable sound effects and actions. Seating for pilot and co-pilot, and for passengers if required and a compass.

Announcer: This scene is on board a very low budget airline.

Pilot: Well, are we anywhere near the airport, co-pilot ?

Co-Pilot: (peering out the window) I don't know… I see lights over there to the port. That's likely it. Bring 'er around and have a look.

Pilot: (lurching plane hard to the left) Boy, I can't tell. I wish the company would buy us some instruments.

Co-Pilot: (pulling compass from pocket) Oh, I've got my trusty compass and the sun went down about 20 minutes ago, so we've got to be on course. (Excited) Look, see that spot down there, that must be it.

Pilot: Okay, here we go. Give me 20 degrees flaps, I'm going in. (Puts plane into a nose dive, sound effects.)

Pilot: This is going to be tough. Give me more flaps, cut back the engines. (Louder) More flaps, less throttle !

Co-Pilot: (Appropriate actions and sounds, acting panicky.)

Pilot: QUICK, cut the engines, give me brakes. MORE BRAKES !

Both: (Sighs of relief) We're down, we made it !

Pilot: Boy that was a short runway !

Co-Pilot: (Looking right, then left) Yep, and wide too !

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