Gary Owen
Posted On: 2009-05-25

Gary Owen, Gary Owen, Gary Owen
In the valley of Montana all alone
There are better days to be
In the seventh cavalry
When we charge again
For dear old Gary Owen.
I can here those sioux bucks singing, Sgt. Flynn
I can here those tom-toms ringing, Sgt. Flynn
I can here those sioux bucks singing,
I can here those tom-toms ringing,
But they don't yet know the tune to Gary Owen.
It's first call I hear it sounding, Sgt. Flynn
And it sounds like taps a-rounding, Sgt. Flynn
Oh me lads, here's something fancy
Take a break, it's Private Clancy
And you'll feel better when he strikes up Gary Owen
For it's Boots and Saddles sounding, Sgt. Flynn
Along the line the men are bounding, Sgt. Flynn
So let' saddle-up and fall in
For the trumpets are callin'
And the band is tuning up for Gary Owen.
For it's forward we're advancing, Sgt. Flynn
And the breeze guides are a-lancing, Sgt. Flynn
Walk, trot, gallop, charged by thunder,
We will ride those cut throats under.
Drive your sabers to the hilt for Gary Owen.
We are ambushed and surrounded, Sgt. Flynn
Yet recall has not been sounded, Sgt. Flynn
Gather round me and we'll rally
Make one last stand in the valley
For the Seventh Regiment and Gary Owen.
You are cut, and scalped, and battered, Sgt. Flynn
All your men are dead and scattered, Sgt. Flynn
I will make you bed tomorrow
With my head bowed down in sorrow.
o'er your grave, I'll whistle Taps
And Gary Owen.
Leader sings lines of verses,
group yells back "Sgt. Flynn"
and "Gary Owen" at the end of each of those lines



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