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Coneheads (in A Spaceship In The Sky)

In a spaceship, in the sky
Spacey little conehead guy
Saw an astronaut floating by
Knocking at my door
Help me, help me, help me! he said
Or the laser beam will shoot me dead!
Come little astronaut, come with me
Happy we will be.


In a spaceship: place arms out like holding something big
-spaceship shaped!
In the sky: hold arms over head forming circle... moon shaped
Spacey little conehead guy: make conehead shape with hands on top
of head
Saw an astronaut floating by: Star shaped. Place arms and legs
out and stand onone foot
Knocking at my door: knock in the air
Help me! Help me! Help me! he said: raise arms in alarm on each
help me!
Or the laser beam will shoot me dead: pretend laser gun pointing
Come little astronaut, come with me: beckon with hands

Next... say the laser beam went crazy and the astronaut shrunk.
Then repeat in a high squeaky voice.
then he grew extremely large and repeat in a deep voice.

The final time the laser beam went completely nuts and it was all
three together
(high, regular, deep voice) for these words spaceship, conehead,
astronaut, knocking, laser beam, conehead, happy and for each
help me!
(first one is high,
2nd is regular and 3rd is deep so it isn't repeated again but as
written in the song).

There is a second similar version of this song:

In a spaceship in the sky
Spacey little conehead guy
Saw an astronaut floating by
Knocking at my door.
Help me, help me, help me, he said
Or the meteor will swoosh! and hit my head!
Come little astronaut, come with me
Coneheads we will be.

Actions are all the same, including singing "large" and "small"
verses, except the line
with the meteor. This line's action is a swooping motion with
your hand as if tracing
the path of a meteor. On "Bong!", knock on the side of your head.
In the "large"
verse, replace "bong" with "BOOM", and in the "small" verse,
replace it with "ping"!

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