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The Dinosaur Race

Tune: William Tell Overture
All the dinosaurs come from far and near,
And they gather 'round for a great big cheer,
'Cause the day has come for the dinosaur race,
Now they all line up and take their place.
And they're off and quickly gaining speed
As Allosaurus takes the lead,
But now moving up is Triceratops
Who runs as if she'll never stop
Brontosaurus stretches out his neck
To reach Tyrannosaurus Rex
Bringing up the rear but doing his best,
Ankylosaurus stops to rest.
See Deinonychus who is running fast,
But now even she is being passed,
Here they come not to th finish line,
Neck and neck, breathing hard.
Who's in front?
It's hard to tell, he looks so small,
But now I see before them all just one.
Struthiomimus wins! Hooray! Hooray!

References / Source:
Catalina Council
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