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Newsletter - 2002 - January

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InsaneScouter News

Volume: 2
Issue: 1
January 2002

Thank you for subscribing to the InsaneScouters monthly newsletter. It is our intention to provide you with information and resources to help you run your units program. Please reply to this newsletter if you have any suggestions on how we can better help you.

Boys Life Themes   Monthly Poll Results

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Cub Scouts
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Ten Essential
"Which holiday is your favorite?"

Christmas: 63.6%

Thanksgiving: 18.2%

Easter: 3.6%

New Years: 1.8%

Hannukah: 1.8%

Other: 10.9%


Whats New at

I am proud to announce many of the new features and content now available at InsaneScouter. Below you will find a list of what these updates are and where to find them.


Fun Activity - "Japanese Balloon Game"

The group stands in a circle. The leader has half a dozen balloons. Into each a message has been inserted before the balloon was blown up. One at a time, a balloon is passed from player to player around the circle, until the leader blows a whistle. The player holding the balloon when the whistle blows must go to the canter of the circle. He must sit on the balloon until it bursts, then read the note, and perform the action or answer the question contained in the message.

Blue and Gold Banquet

To learn more about Blue and Gold - click here

HTML Basics - How To Start Building A Web Page


InsaneScouter Momment - "The Empty Pot"

The following is a paraphrase of "The Empty Pot" by Demi.

A Chinese Emperor is dying and needs to pick his successor. Since he loved gardening (this is the outdoor angle), he decides to let the seeds choose. He calls all the children to the palace and gives them each a seed to grow. They are to return in the Spring with their plant; whoever has tended their plant the best will be named Emperor.

One little boy, known among the children as an excellent gardener, cannot get his seed to grow. He tries repotting several times, no luck. At the end of the year, he has nothing but an empty pot to present to the Emperor, while all of the other children bring huge, beautiful plants of varying kind.

However, the Emperor had baked all of the seeds so that they wouldnt grow. Only one child was honest and brought forth the empty pot. He was rewarded with being named Emperor. --Thanks to a contribution to the GirlScout-List



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