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Newsletter - 2001 - November

Volume: 1   Issue: 1                     0ctober-November 2001

Welcome to the first official InsaneScouter newsletter.

Thank you for subscribing to the InsaneScouter's bi-monthly 

The History of InsaneScouter
The InsaneScouter web site was founded in Mid 1998 to supply 
Scouts and scouters with a libarary containing a vast supply of 
Scouting information such as Webelos, graphics, and related 
program ideas. Its founder, Eagle Scout Scott Robertson, began 
buildiing this expermental site to test his skill as a web 
development specialist.

In early 2000 the site had increased enormously, making it 
necessary to locate addtional assistants to maintain the site. 
A period of a few months past, before locating several partners 
who were more than willing to assist me with the growing needs 
of maintaining the InsaneScouter website.

On September 27, 2001, a newly designed web site, we had been 
working on for over six months, went live. However, we soon 
discovered that our newly build home based server had some 
problems, probabley cuased by bugs with our server hardware. 
Please except our appologies for any inconvenience it may have 

Welcome to InsaneScouter!

September 11, 2001 and Scouting
All of us at InsaneScouter offers their heart to all the 
victims and their familes of the September 11, 2001 terroist 
attacks on America. To learn more about what Scouts around the 
world are doing in responce to the unfortunate events of that 
dreadful day, please check out the Greater New York Council web 
site at: http://www.bsa-gnyc.org/wtcbsa.htm. If you would like 
to make a donation to one of the many charties assisting those 
directly affected by the Attacks on America, please visit the 
following sites: the Red Cross at 
http://redcross.org/donate/donate.html, the New Your Fire 
Fighters at http://store.yahoo.com/firedonations/ or The New 
York State Fraternal Order of Police foundation at 

Fun Activity - "Three Deep Game"
Players form a circle, two deep, facing center. Two players on 
the outside of the circle, and at some distance from each 
other, begin the game as runner and chaser. The runner may save 
himself from being tagged by stepping in front of one of the 
pairs of players, thus making the circle, at that point, three 
deep, Immediately, the outside player must leave or be tagged. 
If a player is tagged, he becomes the chaser. A runner may run 
in any direction, to right or left or across the circle or 
around the outside. 

When a player finds himself the third or last player in a line, 
he must run or be tagged. He tries not to be tagged and, for 
safety, may stop in front of any line of two. Set a time limit 
of fifteen minutes.

Web Site - "InsaneScouter Future Features"
A large portion of the InsaneScouter web site is still in the 
development stage. Sometime early next year we will be 
activating our new web hosting plan for all Scout groups to 
utilize. Some of the new features this program will include: 
web based calendar, photo album, statistical counter, bulletin 
board, and a cool filemanger. The filemanager will enable users 
to up/download and edit their own pages.

However, this new service will be offered for a small fee. The 
exact package details and fees will be coming soon.

Client Submitted Articles
In the future we hope to be able to publish reader submitted 
articles in this space. We are looking for articles that relate 
to Scouting such as: Scouts in Action, Scout Craft ideas, games 
and other Scout stories. Please submit all articles to Scott 
Robertson via email at webmaster@insanescouter.org.

InsaneScouter Momment
"The Origin of the Left Hand Shake"
The Left hand shake goes way back to the origins of Scouting, 
and was inspired like many original Scouting concepts by 
B.-P.'s Army career. 

When Captain Baden-Powell entered the capital city of the 
Ashanti people in 1896 he was met by one of the chiefs who came 
to him holding out his left hand. B.P. held out his right hand 
in return but the Chief said "No, in my country the bravest of 
the brave shake with the left hand".

This was because African Warriors typically carried a spear in
the right hand and a shield in the left. To shake left handed 
meant you had to put down your shield and put your life in the 
hands of the other person. 

So began the Left hand shake of the World Wide Brotherhood of 

-- Thanks to Jim McGregor, 1st Camden South Scout Group, Camden 
NSW Australia 

Please feel free to foward our newsletter on to anyone it may 
Please Share!

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