Magic Hospital
Posted On: 2022-05-26

Divide children into small groups and ask them to visualize, that they are doctors working in a magic hospital where laziness, cunnings, greediness, anger, etc. are being treated.

Children should choose one bad quality and make up a recipe and recommendations on how to help people get rid of this quality.

The recipe for laziness:

Every day from the morning one should take on an empty stomach a drink of orange and several drops of an elixir of diligence. Then, after breakfast, one should stretch oneself a couple of times, then say in a loud voice about everything, what it is necessary to do for this day. And at night it is necessary to write down everything that is made and to make the plan for the next day. Then it is necessary to drink a glass of milk with several mint sweets for a good dream.

All children's recipes and recommendations should be compiled into a book: "Magic hospital".

Suggest children to describe, what qualities should have the doctors in this "Magic hospital".