A Gift of Goodwill
Posted On: 2008-09-15

Personnel: Den Chief & 8 Cubs

Setting: A group of 8 Cub Scouts are gathered around.  Each boy is wrapping a gift.  Den Chief enters.

Den Chief: Hey, guys, let me see what each of you is wrapping.

Cub 1: Gloves for my dad.

Cub 2: An owl plaque for my mom.

Cub 3:
Oreo cookies for my little brother…so he’ll quit eating mine!

Cub 4: A doll for my sister.

Cub 5:
Wind chimes for my mom.

Cub 6: Ink pens for my brother; he really likes to write.

Cub 7: A lamp for my mom.

Cub 8: A lacy handkerchief for my grandmother.  She likes to wave goodbye.

Den Chief: Hey, you guys are really giving goodwill.  (He laughs.)

Cub 4: We hope so.

Cub 6:
Aren’t we supposed to do that all year?

Den Chief:
Yes, but let me show you something unusual.  (He takes a large piece of poster board and a marking pen.  He calls on each boy in order to name again the gift he is wrapping, and writes the first letter of each on the board (such as ‘G’ for gloves).  The result spells out ‘Goodwill,” which he holds up for the audience to see.)

Cub 1: Hey, that’s right!  We’re giving goodwill separately and together!  (Looks at Den Chief)  Figure that one out!



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