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Shawn Romack's Bio

Hello my fellow scouters, my name is Shawn Romack, they guy that works side by side with Scott getting IS online.  I would like to share some information about me so you get to know me better, so here it goes.

I was born in Lubbock, Texas on October 13th, 1977.  I had a very rough childhood, my mother and dad abused drugs and alcohol, and I was abused mentally but not physically.  At three years old my dad divorced my mom and I had to move away with him, this was the last time I ever got to see my mom, I do miss her still.  At seven, my grandfather took me away from my dad because my dad wasn't being the father he needed to be and from then on my grandpa started raising me.  I am very grateful that he did what he did, without him who knows how things would have turned out.  My only parent I ever knew died on August 10th, 2002 from cancer.  He never knew he had it til it was too late.

After all of this I met my beutiful wife Stephanie, we got married on November 22nd, 2004.  I know it is an odd date, but it has a lot to do with her oldest sons birthday.  He passed away from a freak accident on a bicycle in 2002.  I have two beautiful daughters, Ariana age 3, and Melinda age 2, and  Layla Kayleigh was born on september 5th.  Also I have a step-son, his name is Anders, he is 10 years old and is in the gifted program.

Now I know everyone is asking where is my scouting background, well it was very short and brief lets say real brief.  I was in the cub scout program but because my grandfather didn't like the troop he pulled me out, I still think what I could have done as a kid in scouting, well I will never know.

I have had a love affair with computers since I was 9 years old, I started with the old IBM computers that didn't have hard drives and you had to use 5.25 inch floppy drives, this is when I learned how to program.  Now lets fast forward here, when I met Scott I didn't expect I was going to be doing a site like this.  I figure now this is redemption for not belonging to a scout program.

Thanks for reading this and to all the volunteers thank you for helping out.

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