World's Ugliest Man, The
Posted On: 2008-09-05

A scout gets up and says, "Tonight, Den ___ is going to present to you a rare public showing of The World's Ugliest Man."

"This man is so ugly, that no one can bear to look upon his face without shrieking and fainting dead away. So, in the interests of safety, we've covered him up with a sheet so all of you in the audience won't need to go to the emergency room."

At this point, the rest of the den brings out Ugly (another one of the cubs), draped in a sheet like a ghost.

Ugly stands in front of the pack with his back to it. The MC says, "To demonstrate how ugly this man is, is there a volunteer who dares to try to look upon his face?"

The den members all raise their hands and ask to do it. The MC picks one, who walks in front of Ugly. Another cub raises the sheet--and of course, the victim screams and faints. The louder the scream and the quicker the collapse, the better.

"Is there another volunteer?" the MC asks. And so on, until all the boys in the den have taken their turn screaming and fainting. By this time, there should be a pile of cubs laying on the floor in front of Ugly.

The MC says, "Well, I see that no cub can take it. Is there an adult who would like to volunteer? How about our Cubmaster? Mr. Farnham, are you brave enough?"

Me (or any other adult leader): "No, I don't dare. I've seen what's happened to you all."

After much cajoling, the adult agrees to come up and try. He walks up in front of the world's ugliest man, the sheet is raised, and--

The world's ugliest man screams and faints!

This is a great skit, guaranteed to get a huge laugh. The boys have a blast doing it, and the parents like it too.



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