Wall, The
Posted On: 2008-09-05

Ideal for a six or patrol, this skit calls for three or four members standing close together, backs to audience, as the wall; one to play an employee leaning against the wall; and one to play the boss. The scene opens with the employee leaning against the wall. The boss walks in, looking at some papers, sees the idle employee, stops. Boss: You there! What's your name? Employee: Billy Bob, sir. Boss: Well, what do you think you're doing, leaning against that wall like you're holding it up. Employee: But, I am holding it up, sir. (Boss splutters angrily, tells the employee what a useless, good-for-nothing he is. Employee protests, but in vain.) Boss: You're fired! Get out! (The employee edges out along the wall, still trying to protest. The boss turns to audience: the wall creaks.) Boss: Imagine! That lazy son-of-a-gun trying to tell me he was holding up.... (The wall noisily falls on the boss, who collapses under it with a scream.)



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