Trimming the Christmas Tree
Posted On: 2022-05-05

Cast: Mother, Father, Child, scout staff with a sprig of evergreen lashed to the top; materials to make snipping and sawing sounds (you can pre-record these on cassette tape.)

Setting: Kitchen

Mother is on stage, father, and child out of sight.

Father tells the child to go ask the mother how the tree looks.

The child runs onstage and asks.

Mother peers through an imaginary kitchen window, hints and says it needs more off this side.

The child runs off stage and repeats her directions. Sounds of sawing, snipping, etc.

Repeat several times, with the mother pointing in different directions each time, the father perhaps becoming impatient, and the child becoming more and more tired. Finally many sounds of sawing and snipping.

Father marches on stage with staff, shows it to the mother and audience.

Father: Now is it right?!?