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Trees, The

All the boys except one lined up in a row facing the audience, spaced at least Three feet apart. The remaining boy was the narrator. An adult "volunteer" Was selected; usually this was the scoutmaster. He is instructed to stand off To the side until he hears the word spring. That is his que to start running Between the trees for a few minutes. The audience is first told the boys are trees during the summer. Their Branches are strong and sturdy, and they are full of leaves providing shade to The forest animals. While the narrator is talking, the "trees" raise their Arms and mime what the narrator is saying. Next the audience is told about a tree in the fall and how it begins to lose Its leaves. The "trees" should begin to sag their branches. Next the audience is told about a tree in the winter time and how the wind Howls through their bare limbs. Someone can supply the sound effects if you Desire, and the boys should be moving like their is a large gust of wind Pushing them around. Finally, on cue as you say the word spring, have the volunteer move quickly Between the trees several times. You will finish the skit by saying "...... And Also in the springtime, notice how quickly the sap runs through the trees." This skit can be as long or as short as you want to make it. As each season is Discussed in as great as detail as you want. The trees should be mimicking what The narrator is saying. Make sure the narrator places emphasis on the word Sap, so the audience reacts quickly to the gag.

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