Three Rivers #2
Posted On: 2008-09-24

Players: a prospector, two tired hikers, and a "dog" Scene: An old prospector seated around his campfire eating dinner. First tired hiker walks up to the campfire. 1st Hiker: "Hey, old timer. That grub smells mighty good; would you happen to have any extra to spare?" Prospector: "Sure, sonny; hand me that empty plate over their and I'll fix you right up." 1st Hiker: "Gee, this plate looks kinda dirty." Prospector: "Dirty? That plates not dirty; it's a clean as Three Rivers can get it." Prospector dishes up the food; hiker shrugs and eats. 1st Hiker: "Well, thanks for the grub. I've got to be moving on." 1st Hiker leaves and prospector continues eating. 2nd hiker walks up to the campfire. 2nd Hiker: "Boy, I've been hiking for miles and I sure am hungry. Would you have any of that great stew to share?" Prospector: You bet; hand me that bowl over there and I'll fill it up for you." 2nd Hiker (makes face as he looks into the bowl): "This bowl seems pretty dirty to me; do have a cleaner one?" Prospector:" Dirty? Why that bowl's as clean as Three Rivers can get it." Prospector dishes up the food; hiker shrugs and eats. 2nd Hiker: "I've got to be going; thanks for the food." 2nd hiker leaves and prospector finishes eating. Prospector: "Well, that was mighty good grub. Now, time to clean the dishes." (Prospector puts dishes on the ground and whistles). "Three Rivers! Here, Three Rivers!". ("dog" comes running and starts cleaning the plates.) "Good dog, Three Rivers." Three Against 1000 Three guys all bandaged up and smeared with dirt and blood come dragging into the meeting with the disbelieving tail the fantastic battle that they had just gone through. "what a battle, what fantastic odds, we never should have attempted it in the first place, 3 against a 1000, unbelievable; hamming it up. Finally, one guy says, "Yeah they were the toughest three guys I've ever seen.



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