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The Rough Riders

Who: 4 Rough Riders (North, South, East, West) [probably older scouts], two campers Works well at a campfire and when it's dark outside. Produces great surround sound ("From the North!", "From the South!"...)

Camper 1: Well, we only have room for one person in the tent. You want to sleep inside the tent?

Camper 2: No thanks. You can.

Camper 1: All right... Good night. [gets inside tent, both get in sleeping bags and go to sleep] [we hear cries from the shadows and from their respective directions, in order, NOT in unison]

North: From the North! South: From the South!

East: From the East! West: From the West! Rough Riders [then in unison]: We are... the Rough Riders!!! [the four run in and make-believe that they are all beating up on the camper outside for a few seconds, then leave suddenly]

Camper 2: Hey Camper1, can I please come inside. These four guys came in and b---

Camper 1: Oh, come on, you were only dreaming. Go back to sleep.

[Camper 2 lies back down but doesn't go to sleep, being afraid]

[The Rough Riders call out again and repeat the same sequence]

Camper 2: Camper1, can I _PLEASE_ sleep in the tent. Those four came out ag---

Camper 1: All right, all right. [reluctantly]

Camper 2: [let's out quiet "Yes!"] [They trade places]

[Rough Riders come out again but North stops them suddenly before they are about to come down on the Camper 1 outside]

North: Wait... Hold on a sec, I think we beat this poor guy up enough, let's get the one inside...

[they reach inside the tent and bring Camper 2 back outside and start, well, you know....]

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