The Restaurant
Posted On: 2022-05-04

Use plastic glasses, and have the Waiter wear an apron and carry a towel over his arm. The Waiter will need a tray for glasses of water. Two volunteers are recruited from the audience. They get down on their hands and knees. The Announcer welcomes everybody to his restaurant and introduces the volunteers as his tables. Some Scouts enter and sit or kneel around one table. They call for the Waiter, and order glasses of water. They sit and talk while they are waiting. Another group of Scouts also enters and also orders water. The Waiter serves both groups, placing glasses on the backs of the 'tables'. The groups sit and talk as they sip their drinks, returning them to the table each time. One or two at a time, the Scouts make their excuses, and get up and leave. "This water is terrible." "Let's go over to Joe's Bar and have another round." "Sorry, guys. I've got to be getting home." Eventually, the tables are left alone, with the glasses of water still full on the tabletops. The Master of Ceremonies moves on to the next event.