Posted On: 2008-09-24

Man Wearing Cap Sideways (looking Goofy) holding pencils says, quietly: Pencils, Pencils, Pencils People Walk by in disgust Good Scout: Let me help you sell your Pencils Vendor: Okay! Good Scout: First you need to get their Attention first you must Yell "PENCILS!" Now you try it Vendor: Quietly "pencils" Scout: Louder Vendor: a little louder "PEncils" Scout: Really Loud Vendor: Jumping up and Yelling at the top of his lungs: "P_E_N_C_I_L_S!!" Scout: Okay, Now how much are they? Vendor: Duh, I dunno Scout: Say "3 for 5" Vendor: 3-4-5 Scout: Okay are they Sharp? Vendor: I dunno Scout: Say Some are, Some aren't Vendor: Some are , Some aren't Scout: Okay if someone does not want to buy them what do you say? Vendor: I dunno Scout: Say If you don't someone else will Vendor: If you don't someone else will Scout: Good, that ought to help you have a good day! Man enters holding magazine... Vendor jumps up and knocks the magazine out of man's hands yelling ,"PENCILS!" Man: Do you know how much this magazine costs? Vendor: 3-4-5? Man: Is the rest of your family as smart as you are? Vendor: Some are, Some aren't Man: Would you like me to knock your head off? Vendor: If you don't someone else will!



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