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The Outhouse Sketch
Posted On: 2008-09-24

Back in the “Old West” a father lines up his three sons. "One of you pushed our outhouse over the cliff two nights ago. Which one of you did it?" "Not me" "Not me!" "Not me!!!" "Come on, I promise not to punish you. Who did it?" "Not me!" "Not me!" "Not me!" "Let me tell you a story of our great American hero, George Washington. When he was a boy, he chopped down a cherry tree. His father came to him and asked, 'George, did you chop down that cherry tree?' 'I cannot tell a lie, father, I chopped down the cherry tree,' said little George. 'You should not have done that, but since you told the truth, I will not punish you.' And George Washington grew up to be President of the United States!" "Now I ask you. Who pushed our outhouse over the cliff?" "Not me!" "Not me!" "I cannot tell a lie, father, I pushed the outhouse over the cliff." "!@#$%!!!" (The father whips the son who pushed the outhouse over the cliff.) "Why did you whip me, Father? When George Washington told the truth, his father did not punish him!" "George Washington's father wasn't IN the tree when George Washington chopped it down!"


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