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The Old Gum

body len: 933

This skit is entirely silent.

The first person comes in, chewing gum. He blows a big bubble, it pops, he scrapes it off his face. He wads up his gum, throws it over his shoulder, and walks offstage.

Second person walks in. Halfway across stage, they stop. They've stepped in gum, it's all over their shoe. They make a face, pick the gum off their shoe, wad it up, and throw it over their shoulder.

Third person is a jogger. The gum lands in their hair. They pull the gooey gum out of their hair, it's really stuck in there, eventually they pull most of it out, wad it up, and throw it over their shoulder.

Fourth guy is walking his dog and stretching. The gum lands in his armpit. He pulls the gooey gum out from his armpit, wads it up, throws it on the ground. His dog pees on it.

The first guy comes back in. He bends over, picks up the gum, sniffs it, tosses it back in his mouth and starts chewing. He walks offstage.

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