The Motorcycle Gang
Posted On: 2022-04-27

Sometimes the loser loses, no matter what he tries. A small tent is set up on stage. It should be easy to collapse and probably should not be your best tent; it gets collapsed by the weight of several Scouts. Two Scouts walk on stage together. They call each other "Master" and "Slave" as they discuss the trip they are taking. They notice that it is getting dark and decide to spend the night. The Master announces that he will sleep in the tent. As he climbs into the tent, the Slave starts to come in also. The Master tells him that there is only room for one person and that the Slave must sleep outside. The Slave protests weakly, look disgusted, and eventually lies down on the ground. They go to sleep. A gang of motorcyclists roars onto the far end of the stage, making motorcycle noises and pretending that they are riding. They stop, discover, and point at the sleeping Slave and discuss among themselves, "Let's get him!" They rush across the stage and beat up the Slave, who screams and calls for help. The gang rushes away, "Let's get out of here!" The Slave rushes to the Master's tent and wakes him. He tells excitedly about the attack and begs to sleep in the tent. The Master refuses to believe him, accuses him of inventing the story, and sends him back to sleep outside. Again they go to sleep. The motorcycle gang reappears and repeats the scene. The Slave is terrorized and insists on sleeping in the tent. He gets down on his knees and pleads. The Master is angry and calls him a coward. Just to show the Slave that there is nothing to fear, the Master decides that he will stay outside and the Slave will sleep in the tent. The motorcycle gang appears again and confers at some length. They decide, "This time, let's get the guy in the tent!" They knock the tent down and fall on the Slave - again.