The Magic Bandana
Posted On: 2022-04-27

Two guys come out, one is the magician, one his not so smart assistant. The magician introduces his act and sends his assistant to a table behind him. The magician facing the audience tells Herkimer to do exactly as he says. There is a table by Herkimer which has a bandana and a banana. The magician asks Herkimer to pick up the bandana and to perform various actions such as putting the bandana in his right hand, folding it in half, folding the four corners together, stuffing it in his left fist, and upon one, two, three, it will disappear. However, Herkimer picks up the banana, not the bandana, and performs these actions. At the end when Herkimer is supposed to show his fist, for the disappearance of the bandana, he throws the mashed up banana at the magician instead. The magician chases him offstage.