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Lightning Strike
Posted On: 2008-09-24

A group of scouts are out hunting along with the troop chaplain. The Troop Chaplain says "Look there goes a duck." A Scout using imaginary rifle takes a shot, and missing says something beginning with Dang. (Dang, I missed. Dang, missed again. Dang cant hit anything, etc.)

Each time the chaplain explains that he is the chaplain and cautions the Scouts for their language and that they will anger the Lord. Finally the chaplain being somewhat put outs says: "If you use that language once more, the Lord will strike you down on the spot!". Repeat the scenario, There is one, bang, Dang missed again. Then from outside of the campfire are is a loud band, One of the Scouts yells look out for the lightening, and the chaplain fall to the ground. A voice from outside the campfire says in a deep voice, "Dang! Missed Again!"


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