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Karate Orientale

Once done with a Pirate theme whereby instead of having a karate expert, had a pirate who was good with a sword. No change in progression or punchline, though.
Cast: Karate Expert, 3 Muggers, 1 Mugger with a gun

Expert: I now can feel safe when I walk through the park and not have to worry about muggers now that I know karate from all over the world. For instance,(mugger sneaks up to him, gets a karate chop,) Hiii-Ya! I learned that Japanese Karate Chop in Osaka, Japan. (Another mugger sneaks up.) I learned this --(flips him) -- the Chinese Mugger Flip -- in Southern China. (Yet another mugger sneaks up.) I learned the Round the World Kick, like this one (does a turn & kicks him) in Korea. So you see, I'm quite safe in the Park.

Suddenly another mugger runs in and shoots the expert dead.

Mugger: That was a shot from a .45 special I got from the Sears Catalogue!

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