Jungle Drums
Posted On: 2008-09-24

Cast: Mowgli, who drums out messages on a tom-tom; several Cubs in full uniform; Akela. As Mowgli beats out messages, Cubs take turns translating for Akela. (Mowgli drums)

Akela: What's he saying?

Cub 1: Mowgli says there will be a special meeting next week. (Akela nods. Mowgli drums again and Akela looks puzzled)

Cub 2: Mowgli says that it will be a very exciting meeting. (Nod, drumming and puzzled Scouter routines repeat)

Cub 3: He says that many Cubs will receive special awards at the meeting. (Repeat nod, drum, head-scratching)

Cub 4: Mowgli says there will be singing and games, and many visitors from the families of Akela's pack. (Akela nods again and Mowgli beats out another message. All the Cubs shake heads, shrug. Mowgli drums again. Cubs still indicate they don't understand. Mowgli determinedly beats out the message one more time as Akela and Cubs listen intently. Akela smiles, nods.)

Cub 5: I don't get it! What did he say?

Akela: I got it! Mowgli says to telephone him if there's anything special we want him to bring to the meeting.

Cubs: (in great disgust) Telephone! Oh, Good Grief! (exit all)



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