The Greyhound Bus
Posted On: 2022-04-21

Cast: Shopper with a BIG package higher than his head, Pedestrian, People who are Cars, and One Bus
Setting: Busy Intersection

Cars and trucks whiz by and don't stop for pedestrians.

Shopper: Excuse me, Sir, could you tell me when there's nothing coming down the street so that I may cross?

Pedestrian: Sure. (Pauses until cars stop whizzing by. The bus begins coming down the street.) Now you can cross. There's only a dog coming. (He begins to cross; the bus hits him.)

New Setting: Hospital Ward

Pedestrian: (To shopper in bed) Gee, I'm really sorry about what happened to you.

Shopper: It's all right. These things happen once in a while. But tell me, why did you say there was a dog coming down the street when it was really a bus?

Pedestrian: Well, it was a Greyhound!



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