Gotta Go Wee
Posted On: 2022-04-21

(The boys are seated in two rows, as in a school bus, with one at the front as the driver.)

Tommy: [running to front] Stop the bus, I gotta go wee!

Driver: [making driving motions] I can't stop here. You can hang on, go on back and sit down.

[Tommy sits down, driver makes driving sounds]

Tommy: [a few moments later, runs to front] Driver, you gotta stop the bus. I gotta go wee.

Driver: It's only a little while to your stop. Hang on a little longer, and we'll be there.

[Tommy sits down, the bus continues]

Tommy: [moments later, running to front] I gotta go wee. I gotta go wee. Stop the bus.

Driver: [braking, stopping, opening the door] OK, OK, out you go!

Tommy: [exits, runs in a circle] Wheeeeee!