Gone Fishin'
Posted On: 2022-04-21

Three boys sitting on a bench or chairs in the front of the room. The two boys outside have fishing poles. The one in the middle is reading a newspaper. Boys with lines act like they are fishing.

Cub 1: Sure haven't been catching much.

Cub 3: I haven't even had a nibble.

Policeman: (walks on from offstage.) What are you guys doing?

Cub 1: Fishing, sir.

Policeman: Can't you tell this is a pack meeting?

Cub 3: No, it's a pond!

Policeman: (nudges man with paper, and he lowers it) Do you know these two characters?

Cub 2: (folds newspaper) Sure, they are my friends.

Policeman: In that case, you'd better get them out of here.

Cub 2: Yes, sir. (reaching behind the chair, picks up a paddle, and acts as if he is paddling away.)