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Posted On: 2010-02-22

When we entered the campfire theater the first four scouts walked in with large cans filled only with torn up news paper. The Staff immediately noticed and gave us their attention. One or two came over to see what was up. We let them examine the cans and they found only paper. As everyone was seated, the leaders delivered additional cans, these had water balloons covered with paper. I even threw some paper in the air as we delivered the cans. During the other skits, I sat down with staff carrying a dummy can and left it there. Now for the skit:

Have four volunteers stand across from each other with arms on shoulders making a square. The Next four volunteers bend over with their rears pushed out and their arms around the waist of the four who are standing. The Next four get behind the knees of the four bent over, on all fours. The announcer continues to talk about fire lays and the importance of building a great fire lay. Ham this up and joke about the funny logs the scouts have brought for the fire lay. With everything in place, the announcer reminds all of fire safety and that you must always put out the fire when you are finished. ( at this point the senior staff member was heard assuring the others, no fear, its only paper)The Staff was then properly "put out"! It was a great sales job, and worked so well.


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