Emergency Skit
Posted On: 2022-04-13

This Skit should be learned by all Cubs and Scouts if they find themselves called on unexpectedly for a skit (Be Prepared) or in case some other Six or Patrol used their planned skit earlier in the same Campfire.

[The first boy enters and begins crying] [The second boy enters and walks up to the first]

#2: What's wrong?

[#1 whispers into #2's ear, and both starts crying]

#3 [entering] Hey, what's wrong, guys?

[#2 whispers into #3's ear, and all start crying]

(This continues until the entire Six or Patrol, but one, are in and crying)

LAST BOY: [entering, and loudly] OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE, WHAT'S WRONG?




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