Elevated Gum
Posted On: 2022-04-13

A boy enters chewing gum, acting like a businessman, with a briefcase, etc. Walks up and enters an elevator and sticks gum on the wall. A kid listening to rock & roll on his portable stereo, dances into the elevator, leans on the wall, hands stick to gum. Tries hard to pull their hand off the wall. The kid looks at the gum, stretches it, picks his nose, sneezes, etc., all getting on the gum. Throws the gum at the back of the elevator where it sticks. Dum, spacey, jock stereotype enters the elevator, leans on the back wall, and the gum gets stuck to the following places: first head and elevator, then head and hand, both hands, foot, and both hands, both feet and hands, hands, knees, and hand to face. He finally gets free and sticks gum back on the sidewall. The businessman enters the elevator after the Jock leaves, sees gum, and decides to chew it again; then leaves.