Posted On: 2010-02-22

Props: A cardboard cutout of a prison window, or a few sticks as bars, and 3 candles.

Announcer: The scene is the outside of a prison.

[Enter 2 Scouts. One holds out his arms at full stretch, one above the other, and the second inserts between them the window or a number of sticks of wood to represent the bars of a cell] Enter the prisoner. He peers out through the bars.] [Enter the prisoner's friend, with a bow saw concealed behind his back. He hands it to the prisoner, who goes through the motions of "sawing" through the bars of his cell]

Prisoner: [emerging joyfully] I'm fwee! I'm fwee!

[Enter 3 Scouts, each carrying a lighted candle, singing]: Happy Birfday to you, Happy birfday to you!



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