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Coloured Music
Posted On: 2010-02-22

Each member of the Patrol has a clear glass pop bottle which has been partly filled with coloured water, each with a different colour. Each bottle is filled to a different level so that the 8 notes of an octave can be played by blowing over the top of the bottle. Each member also has a flashlight (used only for the skit, please) which he holds against the bottom of the bottle, making his face glow with the colour in the bottle. Every time a Scout blows a note he turns on his light. Unless you are a musical group, you should stick to simple tunes, like Three Blind Mice, however, it is great fun and a great effect, even if you "mess up" the music - after all, you gave it your best. It is also very effective (should you like) to have a conductor to lead the music, who has a flashlight with a coloured cone on the front.


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