The Briefcase
Posted On: 2022-04-06

Scene: A person standing on a stage reciting a long story (or some other activity). A second person will enter at various stages and interrupt him, after which the storyteller starts again.

The second person will need the following props: A briefcase and a step ladder.

1. Person 2 walks on with a briefcase. First-person asks him what he's doing. Reply: "I'm taking my case to court". Walks off.

2. Enters again with a step ladder. Same as before, this time replying: "I'm taking my case to a higher court."

3. This time, person two places the hands of the storyteller in front of him and puts his case on them. "I rest my case" (This one works best when the storyteller doesn't know about it).

4. Final entry, without a case: "I lost my case."

This can, of course, be expanded. Seen in a variety show with many other things happening (mostly knock-knock jokes) in turn. Can be good when done properly.