Banana Skit, The
Posted On: 2010-02-22

This skit is ideally suited for four people, since it takes the form of a four-beat chant. However, any number can participate. The group forms a line, facing the audience.

See banana, see banana, see banana, see banana!

In turn, and in rhythm with the chant, the patrol members point to the banana. The body language and facial expressions out to be showing excitement and happiness, as if you have been looking forward to these bananas all week!

Pick banana, pick banana, pick banana, pick banana!

Again, in turn and rhythm with the chant, each of four patrol members leans forward and reaches downward, to pick the banana from the bunch. If you are using four, make sure that everyone gets a banana by the time the fourth “Get banana” is chanted.

Peel banana, etc.

In unison, everybody peels the imaginary banana, keeping time with the beat.

Eat banana, etc.

Everybody eats his banana, in time to the chant. It is good if it gets harder to talk with each imaginary bite.

Go bananas, etc.

On this line, everybody goes into wild dancing. Make sure you leave enough space between patrol members so that no one gets hit.



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