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Ants, The
Posted On: 2010-02-21

Characters: 6 to 8 Cub Scouts

Props: Paper sacks

Setting: Skit opens with boys standing together in a backyard. Cardboard cutout trees and bushes could be used.

1st Cub: Gee, there's nothing to do.

2nd Cub: Yeah, I know.

3rd Cub: Hey, let's have a backyard picnic.

All: Yeah!

4th Cub: But it's going to rain.

1st Cub: I don't think so. If it does, we can eat in the house.

2nd Cub: I'll bring the potato chips.

3rd Cub: I'll bring the hot dogs.

4th Cub: I'll bring the hot dog buns.

5th Cub: I'll bring the drinks.

6th Cub: And I'll bring something special!

(All walk offstage and come back carrying sacks)

2nd Cub: Here are the chips.

3rd Cub: Here are the hot dogs.

4th Cub: Here are the hot dog buns.

5th Cub: Here are the drinks.

6th Cub: (Drops his sack) Oh, no!

5th Cub: What's wrong?

6th Cub: I brought the ants!!


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