Person Scavenger Hunt
Posted On: 2010-02-21

Provide each Cub Scout or family with the following list.  They are to collect signatures of individuals who meet the description.  The boy or family finished first or who collects the most signatures in the time limit set wins.  The questions can be changed to meet the needs of your group or theme requirements.

1.      Has the same color eyes as you ______________________________

2.      Has traveled outside the United States. ____________________________

3.      Graduated from college ________________________________

4.      Is the youngest in his family _________________________________

5.      Has more than three brothers or sisters ____________________________

6.      Has the same birthday month as you ______________________________

7.      Enjoys math ____________________________________

8.      Can speak two languages ___________________________________

9.      Has seen the same movie at least three times _______________________

10.  Can drive a tractor __________________________________

11.  Has a cat ____________________________________

12.  Was born in another state ____________________________________



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