Posted On: 2010-02-21

1.      Data

2.      Input

3.      Process

4.      Output

5.      Internet

6.      Program

7.      Laptop Computer

8.      Computer Chip

9.      Hard Disk

10.  Floppy Disk

11.  Booting


A.     A set of steps or a list of instructions that tells a computer to do something.

B.     The process that a computer goes through when you turn it on.  It gets itself ready for you to use.

C.     A portable, battery powered computer, small enough to comfortably fir on a persons lap.

D.    A worldwide network of computers that allows people to exchange information with machines all over the world.

E.     A small, black package containing important electronic circuits.

F.      Material that is stored in a computer.  It can be letters, words, paragraphs, decisions, pictures, or even ideas.

G.    Convert data into information.

H.    Information that is given out by the computer.  This information may be displayed on a screen, printed on a printing device, or shown in other ways.

I.       Data that is given to a computer.  Usually this data will be processed into information.

J.      Permanent memory device.

K.    A removable permanent memory device.

Answers: A-6, B-11. C-7. D-5, E-8, F-1. G-3. H-4. I-2. J-9, K-10



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