Married Words
Posted On: 2022-03-29

Provide cards that have been written one word of common pairs such as "Jack" and "Jill," "ham" and "egg," etc.  Have as many cards as needed.  Ask everyone to match up to his card and introduce himself to the person holding the mate to his card.  Some other combinations are:

Adam and Eve, Amos and Andy, Army and Navy, Black and Blue, Bread and Butter, Over and Under, Cats and Dogs, Coat and Vest, Comb and Brush, Cup and Saucer, Day and Night, Down and Out, Fine and Dandy, Gilbert and Sullivan, Sweet and Sour, Hit and Run, Horse and Buggy, House and Lot, In and Out Up and Down, Knife and Fork, Liver and Bacon, Mutt and Jeff, North and South, East and West Pork and Beans, Salt and Pepper.



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