Historical Objects
Posted On: 2010-02-21

Distribute copies to all guests and see how many persons they can identify by the following clues.

1 A rainbow

a. George Washington

2. A kite

b. Little Red Riding Hood

3. A glass slipper

c. Noah

4. An apple

d. Samson

5. A slingshot

e. William Tell

6. A coat of many colors

f. Ben Franklin

7. A wolf

g. Cinderella

8. Long Hair

h. Joseph

9. A hatchet

i. David

10. A footprint

j. Abe Lincoln

11. A cloak

k. Florence Nightengale

12. A steamboat

l. Robin Hood.

13. A rail fence

m. Paul Bunyan

14. Three ships

n. Little Jack Horner

15. A plum

o. Robert Fulton

16. A blue ox

p. Sir Walter Raleigh

17. Steals from the rich

q. Columbus

18. A famous nurse

r. Robinson Crusoe


1. C    2. F     3. G     4. E      5. I 
6. H     7. B     8. D    9. A.   10. R 
11. P   12. O   13. J   14. Q    15. N 
16. M    17. L     18.K



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