Hidden Geography Puzzle
Posted On: 2010-02-21

U.S. cities and states are hidden in each sentence below:
Find and underline them as shown:
Example: I asked you not to bang or yell.

1.  I met my sister, Carol in Africa
2.  To connect, I cut wire with pliers.
3.  Please, miss, our Iris is only 2.
4.  This town is hidden very well.
5.  I sing, "Do, Re, Mi."  Am I right?
6.  Who won, Bob, Al, Tim. Or Ernest?
7.  I am your friend forever, Montague.
8. Paris is in France; Telima in Ecuador. 

1. Carolina
2. Connecticut
3. Missouri
4.  Denver
5. Miami
6. Baltimore
7. Vermont
8. Maine



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