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Find Someone Who...

Have them sign their name on the blank.

1. Plays an instrument _________________________________

2. Knows what a whole note is ___________________________

3. Knows what a ½ note is _______________________________

4. Sings in a choir ______________________________________

5. Knows what a treble clef is _____________________________

6. Knows the first verse of the national anthem ________________________

7. Knows a verse of “On Top of Old Smokey” _________________________

8. Knows what the first action is in the “Hokey Pokey” __________________

9. Knows what a ¼ note is _________________________________

10. What an octave is _____________________________________

11. Can sing the first verse of ANY song ______________________________

12. What a solo is called in an opera _____________________________

13. What songs sung without instruments are called _____________________

14. What the name of our National Anthem is _________________________

15. What the type of song is that celebrates our country __________________

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