A What?
Posted On: 2010-02-21

Arrange players in a circle.  Have two different object to pass around, such as a fork and a spoon.

Hand fork to player on the right and
You say: This is a Beagle.
The receiver says: A what?
You say: A Beagle.

Then he hands fork to player on his right and

Cub 1 says to Cub 2: "This is a Beagle. "
Cub 2 says to Cub 1: "A what? "
Cub 1 says to Cub 2: "A what. "
You say: "A beagle".
Cub 1 says to Cub 2: "A beagle. 

Cub 2 says to Cub 3: "This is a Beagle."

Continue around the circle always having questions come back to you.  After starting with right side also begin left side, using the spoon and the statement, "This is a Collie Dog."  This leads to fun and confusion when the two questions/statements intersect.



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