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By: Gary Malicki Posted On: 2022-03-17

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Fellow Scouters are sending me new ideas all the time. I'll be sharing the new stuff with you soon

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The Norwegian Waddle Race
This very neat team-building idea was sent to me by a fellow Scouter. We plan on using it at our upcoming Junior Leader Training Graduation Weekend this June. Here's a text description of how it works:

EQUIPMENT - for each team of 5. Two 12ft spars - One 6ft spat. Three 18 ft ropes for lashing and four 18ft guide ropes.

Teams lash two long spars onto shear legs to form a cross-piece. (Use square lashings at all three points) Tie four guide ropes to the top of shears. Raise shears. Four Scouts keep shears upright. One Scout steps onto the cross-piece and waddles along by lifting butts of shear legs alternately and walking forward.

The first team to waddle 30 ft wins.

If we pull this off correctly, I'll look forward to adding actual photos of the event on the Team Building Photo Page.

I had a great time at our Greater Niagara Frontier Council's University of Scouting on March 9. I had the pleasure of sharing information about our special format of Troop JLT to an audience of almost 40 Scouters. It was also nice to see about 5 or 6 youth including a Troop senior patrol leader who previously attended the Council's JLTC. I hope that all interested parties visit this site often and "steal all you can".

Utilizing the Norwegian Waddle at our JLT Graduation Campout

At our JLT camp in early June, we'll be featuring an exercise called 'The ultimate lashings demo'. They won't realize it at the time but the candidates will actually be learning the proper lashing for the Norwegian Waddle.
Later in the day, we'll have them do this team-builder and the winning Patrol will earn the right to enter the graduation campfire circle first on the night of their graduation from the course.

Later when they perform the exercise, the winning Patrol will earn the right to enter the campfire circle at the Saturday night graduation fire.