Webelos Outdoor Quiz-Answers
Posted On: 2009-01-02

  1. There is no limit
  2. Their parents or guardians
  3. The Webelos Den Leader, with the help of the assistant den leader, Webelos den chief and the parents.
  4. The family should get another parent or adult family member, neighbor or friend to take the boy.
  5. Parents can be asked to furnish it or borrow it from the local Scout troop.
  6. Parents and sons form buddy teams.
  7. Simple, such as heat and serve.
  8. They should be washed and taken home.
  9. They should be burned out in the fire and when burned, flattened then taken home.
  10. Webelos garbage should be dried beside the fire and burned with the trash. Nothing should be buried.
  11. Suggest that paper plates and cups and plastic utensils be used. Cooking utensils can be washed in hot water and detergent.
  12. A sanitary facility. A slit trench is dug away from the camp and screened for privacy. The dirt is piled to one side with a paddle stuck in the dirt pile. After each use of the latrine, the paddle is used to spread a layer of dirt in trench.
  13. Have each parent and son bring water from home in plastic jugs or other closed-top containers. About 3 gallons per team.
  14. Use private cars with parents driving. Don't overcrowd cars. Remember, one seat belt per passenger.
  15. Flag raising, lowering, campfire program, games and Sunday morning service, fishing, swimming or conservation projects.
  16. The Webelos den leader with parents.
  17. Local Tour Permit
  18. Safe Swim Defense
  19. Health and Safety
  20. Heavily traveled highways, private property, railroad tracks, natural hazards such as fast-moving streams, steep cliffs and loose rocks.


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