Who's Who In The District - The Key Three
Posted On: 2009-01-02

District Executive

The District Executive is your best Scouting friend and counselor and is a full-time professional in the district. He or she is employed by the council and works under the direction of the council Scout executive. The District Executive, is a trained professional who advises, coaches, and helps prepare volunteers for decisions to be made within the district. Recruiting, training, and motivating volunteers is the key to their success.

District Chairman

The District Chairman is the top Scouting leader of the district. He or she presides at the district committee meetings and represents your district on the council executive board. The district chairman is responsible for the membership, program and finance functions of the district.

District Commissioner

The District Commissioner is the quality-control officer who recruits, trains and leads a staff of unit and roundtable commissioners. The District Commissioner is the liaison between the local council and the scouting units. There are three types of commissioners that work under the District Commissioner's leadership.

  1. Assistant District Commissioners
  2. Roundtable Commissioners
  3. Unit Commissioners


Commissioner Service


Unit Commissioner

The Unit Commissioner is a volunteer whose main responsibility is to give service to the pack. The commissioner is not a pack servant. This person will not intrude in the pack's business, but is ready and willing to help when called upon. Whenever the commissioner spots signs of trouble in your pack, this person will help you solve your problems and will constantly act as your quality control arm.

The commissioner helps the pack by :

  • Being a friend who helps the pack to be successful.
  • Helping to solve problems and offer suggestions.
  • Working with the pack committee and leaders of the chartered organization to maintain a close relationship.
  • Helping to establish and maintain a good pack-troop relationship.
  • Assisting at pack meetings, uniform inspections and other pack activities, as needed.
  • Assisting with the pack's annual charter.
  • Providing practical support, such as people, equipment, materials.


The pack helps the commissioner by :

  • Asking for assistance before the problem becomes to large.
  • Inviting the commissioner to pack meetings and activities and to occasional pack leaders' meetings.
  • Inviting the commissioner to help with the pack's annual membership inventory and uniform inspection.
  • Pack leaders should get to know the unit commissioner and feel comfortable in asking for help. Don't look only for praise of the pack's efficiency, but listen to the commissioner for the helpful observations which can strengthen the pack program.
  • If your pack does not have a unit commissioner, make it known to the district Scout executive, the district commissioner, or the district chairman that you need one and would welcome this help.


Roundtable Commissioner

Roundtable is held monthly on a district basis. Den and pack leaders join for fun and fellowship while learning new tricks, stunts, games, crafts, ceremonies, songs, and skits. There are also opportunities for sharing of ideas and activities with leaders from other packs. Roundtable is under the guidance of a Roundtable Commissioner and staff who plan the program around next month's theme and activity badge area.

After attending roundtable each month, your leaders will come to your monthly pack leaders' meeting well informed and ready to complete plans for your den and pack program for the next month.

Check with your unit commissioner to find out when and where your monthly roundtable is held.



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