Safety Awareness
Posted On: 2009-01-02

Leaders are responsible for safety while the boys are in their care. Safety rules should be enforced at all times during den/pack meetings and activities.


1. Teach the boys the rules of safety around the home, fire safety, and water safety, using the Cub Scout achievements and electives.

2. Meeting places must be free of accident hazards. Use the Meeting Place Inspection Form, No. 6140, to check them.

3. Use a few minutes of den or pack parents' meeting to discuss the value of teaching the boys to cope with everyday hazards of living. Often parents place too much emphasis on keeping children away from hazards and not enough on teaching them what to do when they are faced with hazards such as a broken electric cord. Instead of asking boys to stay off the streets, teach them to observe proper precautions while they are in the street. Instead of keeping boys indoors in cold weather, teach them how to dress to protect themselves against the cold.

4. Invite local experts to visit with parents and Cub Scouts about such subjects as: Fire Safety, Traffic Rules or Basic First Aid



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